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Frisell kindle or paperback

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I finally have some time and want to get Frisell's book after reading so many posts about it here, and its philosophy sounds more in line with what I've been discovering about singing post injury.

I'm just curious, I saw some comments about how the Kindle version is kind of messed up in parts. For those of you that have both, will I still get everything I need to know out of the Kindle version? I prefer the Kindle format and it's 1/3 the price so I'd prefer getting that unless there's some crucial stuff missing. What exactly is it that is messed up and is it simply hard to read or actually unintelligible?

Also, I consider myself more of a baritone, so I think I will get The Baritone Voice. It sounds like most people here have The Tenor Voice. Anyone have any experience with the baritone version? If so, does the kindle version for that suffer the same problems?

Also, since there's no audio, how do the exercises work? Do I need know know piano notation and play the notes on a keyboard? Or are they kind of like Jaime Vendera's slides where you just need a starting note and then you just slide up and down an octave or two?

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Hey Truth, the "messed up"parts of the kindle version are that the graphics are pretty much just dark blobs. But scales is scales is scales. If you've already got something with scales, substitute those. What I have felt is more important than the actual staff notation is Frisell's viewpoint, his weltanschauung, to borrow from the german. His paradigm. For, even though I have not read the baritone book, I understand that he approaches baritone from the same perspective of tenor. That is, even in baritone, start in head and bring it down. For it is head voice that teaches you how to manage breath support.

And I firmly believe that you might some good tenor notes while you're at it.

I haven't tried to see if the kindle provides audio. It provides some on some books. I have a kindle edition of a book on perfect pitch and it has audio, which is a recitation of the text.

Of course, none of us can beat Bob, who has had in-person lessons with the author. Just as people in Seattle have had in-person lessons with Robert.

At least I have had live lessons with my dog, who sings opera. No, really. There's a commercial for a firm that deals with your insurance claim settlements and they have the actors singing a wagnerian style of opera and he sings along with it, usually on pitch, too.

I hope to sing as well as my dog sings.


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Truth -

The exercises are better displayed in the paperback version, without a doubt. However, if you are familiar with regular vocal exercises and scales, then it doesnt really matter. Also, Frisell describes what needs to be done for each exercise and also mentions the starting and ending notes, so actually looking at the printed scales doesn't really help that much (also it's sheet music, so you have to be able to read that!!!). Its not so much the scales that do the magic, it is understanding how he wants you to produce the sound, and what you should be feeling in the throat / head / diaphragm etc..

Hope this helps..

Feel free to ask more questions bro.

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