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This band performed through skype, while being in 3 different cities on two continents. One on the west coast (California), one in New York, two in London, England.

And I didn't even have to buy a ticket.

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Holy Crap! I've wanted to do this forever for rehearsals, but Skype has a delay, so it hasn't worked in the past. You couldn't play or sing at the same time and hear each other. So I'm not sure how this'd work now. It appears they've gotten rid of the delay? This says "Group Video" but are these guys actually playing together live and in time? It LOOKS like it, but I think it's an edited piece where maybe the guys on one end did their thing and then the other guy put his on top. I've tried this before with Skype and it's not worked.

As for live streaming, I've done that with Ustream and an iPad. My wife couldn't go to a show, so I streamed it and let fans of the band watch.... that's right, my wife, mom, and sister were all able to watch!


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Either Skype has managed to break the speed of light by several hundred thousand miles/sec -- in which case they should be hailed for their extraordinary contributions to physics and the internet -- or they're spinning some funny business. Even with the best fibre-optics that money can buy, you're still looking at around ~100ms of latency from LA to London, which is impossible to miss. Even the delay from LA to NY would be very noticeable.

It's also interesting that Skype didn't include the song name... perhaps hoping that we won't look up the studio version and realise they are identical?

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