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Singing.... low notes!

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Hey all, brand new here. I've picked up quite a few tips from these forums and it seems like a great place with quite a few great teachers and vocalists. I've got an interesting little problem and I figure perhaps one of you might be able to help me out.

I've been working with a buddy who plays piano, and we're going to be performing for a small talent show at my school. When singing while he's playing, without a mic, I've noticed that, quite frankly, the projection of my lower notes absolutely sucks. You can barely hear me at all over the piano. Like most singers, I've spent loads of time working on the higher end of my range and when I sing mid to high notes they resonate and project beautifully. Low notes, not so much. While I sing low easily, I can't seem to feel any power in the notes. They're always very breathy. They certainly don't sound bad, but they aren't very loud or powerful.

I'm pretty certain the reason for this is from the beginning, I've always been recording myself while singing and because there was a mic whenever I was practicing I never developed the ability to project when singing lower stuff.

So, does anyone have some tips or specific exercises that will help me to improve? I'm making it a point now when I'm practicing to work on my lower range, and I know that in time it'll get better but any specific ideas would be great!

Cheers guys,


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