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EJ's early 70 vocal technique

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Basically my biggest inspiration when it comes to music but when trying to cover songs such as holiday inn or rotten peaches it's hard for me to get that "bright" sound without my larynx feeling tired afterwards. So i guess the question is can an experienced person take a look at this vid and advise me on what i should be working towards or starting with?

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Well, his 70's stuff has a lot of head voice, though I doubt he even meant to use it. I think he was a case, judging by his sound, of just going for it, and ending up in a really strong headvoice in his upper range. I think he pulled chest, but he also sang in falsetto quite a bit, so the two kinda naturally came together.

When he had his vocal chord surgery in the late 80's, he was unable to use his head voice due to scarring, so he worked on really strengthening his lower range, which results in the deeper baritone sound he uses, these days. So in my opinion, it very much is a different technique. I think in his early days, he didn't really think much about proper technique, he just imitated his idols and sang in the key of the song. He likes to play piano in Eb and C a lot, and those tend to be higher keys for men to sing in, so it became natural.

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