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And for a laugh how about some Black Sabbath!!

I know most of you aren't into the type of music I post but don't forget that my roots are Rock. In the past year or so I have been more and more into the type of music I have been posting. I got into Blues back in the early 90's but still mostly sang Rock until recently. Although I have been doing Duane Allman and Clapton for many years.

I only changed over my vocal choices lately to save my voice and to expand a little. All the years of untrained loud singing never did me any good:D

I used to sing Stargazer by Rainbow a lot!! Not that I can actually sing it...but you know what I mean. That didn't help my folds ...yikes!

After singing Georgia 20 or more times I wasn't about to sing this more than once. I gave it a shot and it's only for fun anyway. Haven't sang this in years. It was fun although, because of complaints about me adding vibrato where it doesn't belong in my first song here, I didn't add it here. Something I usually do in this song. Now I'm sorry I didn't.

For a goof


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Ozzy doesn't sing with vibrato. Even though you have some natural vibrato in your voice, you sounded very much like him on this song.

I double dog dare you to do "Mama, I'm Coming Home."

Come on, you know you want to.

Anyway, I liked your cover of this song.

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I know he doesn't sing with vibrato. That's why I held back. I usually add quite a bit. I prefer doing songs my way. :) Why try to sound like someone I'm not? The true test is to get approval of "my" renditions :)

Mama I'm Coming Home, huh? I like Perry Mason better! :D

Actually I don't normally do Ozzy. Not the same type of voice. Or range. To be honest I usually leave out the whole middle of Warpigs...Politicians hide themselves...

Too high for me. I only did it this time to test some new techniques.

thanks for the listen


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