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Still Loving You - Scorpions (my cover)

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It's one of the classics in my playlist, alone in duo or with group.

This is a 2 takes recording one full the choirs from the second one used to create choirs and voices.

A Double Chorus eccect with Voicelive2 used too for the recording.

As ever... I hope you like it...


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Good job but I agree, I would prefer different effects. Totally an aesthetic opinion on my part. Instead of the chorus effect, make a real chorus. Duplicate the actual chorus "I'm still loving you". One or two dupes onto separate tracks and eq those tracks a little different. This will make your voice sound bigger and your lead a little more prominent.

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Honesty, I think it is too effected, it sounds computerised, and it also sounds like you used a lot of pitch correction.

On the original there is a short echo, a fairly rich reverb, and some light chorus.

If you want to sounds good singng, work more on your singing and less on fancy effects. My opinion.

Ther original is brilliant of course, and quite hard to sing. Here it is for anyone who doesnt know it:

Having tried to copy my heros, I realise it's hard to try to compare your own singing to something excellent and inspirational. You have to build up to that. Or find your own voice/style and work on developing that instead. That's where I ended up, and I'm happier for it - it's going fairly well.

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I truly hope, Nightfly, that you are not trying to sound like Klause Meine, unless you already have a voice just like his.

I swear, we singers can be the worst audience. Most of the general public that I have encountered, they don't care if you sound like the original. They just expect you to reach whatever notes you need to. Do not, I repeat, do not consider Klause Meine, or any other singer, the ultimate goal. Do what it is your voice can do, and if it includes some of Klause, fine, if not, fine.

All the iconic singers we admire or like, they found their own sound. You don't have Bruce Dickinson trying to sound like Mick Jagger. Or Trent Reznor trying to sound like Johnny Cash. Or Axl Rose trying to sound like Glen Campbell. Find your own voice, regardless of what song you want to cover.

I couldn't detect pitch corrector or autotune on your recording but if there was, congratulations, you have mixed like a pro. Only other singers could expect you to sing pitch perfect like the studio version which has been autotuned. And this something that many, I think mostly singers, stick their head in the sands about. I've read more than one book (more like four, now) on how to record and mix. It's one of my weakest areas.

Every single producer that is professional and is responsible for an album to be sold and uses digital processing, which will happen many times in recording and will always happen in mastering, auto-tunes everything. From single drum beats to the entire comp'd vocal line. Regardless of who the singer is. One producer said it straight up. In so many words, "I autotune everything even if it hurts feelings. I am responsible for the recording..."

And autotune is a digital effect to a digital signal to help it fit in with other digital processing. And no human voice will ever be digitally pitch perfect. Regardless of who the singer is. So, if you don't sound just like the album, that's okay, the original singer doesn't, either. Because what you hear on the CD is an artifact. Live is where it's at.

Do your thing, it's what you are meant to do.

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Hmm, I'm going to be harsh here... First, however I will start off by saying, wow... Your range... You can get to these notes in chest on any vowel without any problem at all... I would KILL for that... I need to warm up intensely, have a VERY good day and just be lucky... THEN, I can sing half of this song in chest before it tires me...

Now, however as people have pointed out, the effects are not helping :P It's cool on a first listen but after that one may wonder, "where's YOUR voice?"

Secondly, someone said "good pitch control", I must disagree... You are on the notes, yes, but sometimes you wobble away, not in a controlled "waily" kind of way in key, but in an uncontrolled, insecure kind of way. You have the tenor range, you could easily work on agility so that you can do interval jumps faster but also more secure and actually remain in key ;)

And thirdly, attitude... There is NO attitude at all here... One thing is to sing the notes. Sing them strong, sing them full etc... But sometimes you've got to let the "general knowledge" go and just FEEL the song... Because if you just go from hitting every note in the optimal "this is what I've learned"-kind of way, your notes will be perfect... And perfect is extremely boring to listen to as there is no emotion.

Anyway, keep up the good work. You've got great potential and it will be cool to follow you and see how you evolve =)

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thanks everyone for the attention gave to my performance...

Only some notes to be clear.

No autotune or pitch control used..

the pitch shifting come from a detune.. given by the chorus effect.

It can sound not pleasant, someone likes it someone no, more not... probably.

It was a choice, not to copy noone, I tried the range of effects.. and.. I liked it... so I used.

I can accept all the consideration and take avery suggestion good to improve.

But that was my voice and the notes were mine.

I like that song, the original one, for the emotion it gaves me in my life...

Now this is mine, no intention to copy, but only to emotion myself singing it.

I understand taht when someone have in mind on original version, try to compare...

I think that few artists here but professional too, can be "compared" to an original.. if the original is strong in mind of the listener. One times in another forum a girl contested a different melodic line from the original...

Noone can do nothing... with this approach.

However, many of this comments have been very helpful, to find really where to improve and work...

I'll try to take all those suggestion for the next time...

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Hello, Nightfly! I agree with the others that your effects didn´t improve your tune here. But it was still quite a joy to listen to it. Good job! It was also kind of cool to hear you changing some lines, first and foremost i was thinking about the phrase "i will be there", which was different from what Klaus is singing it, but it sounded cool and not misplaced in any way IMO and you made this song more like your own by doing this.

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Seems like you've got a good hang on singing in the tenor range with mixed voice/curbing. That's a great start. To proceed to the next level and make a LOT of people like you singing this song (or just any song), I suggest that you don't record with this effect on your voice, try to add just a slight dopyness to your sound (it's perhaps slightly too twangy or light coloured for many people's taste) and try to improve your vibrato - make it really nice and have just the right amount of tasty fluctuation speed, i.e. not too fast, not too slow and not forced. Good job, man.

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Props for taking on a song that is harder than it sounds. One of the best ballads of all time.

As the others stated, the effects are overdone. Subtlety is the key.

You do sound quite comfortable in the tenor range. Very controlled.

I have to agree with Snejk in regards to the emoting. This is a song you want to absolutely pour your heart and soul into, make it absolutely gut-wrenching. I could be 100% wrong, but it almost sounds like you were reading the lyrics as you were singing, and it may have distracted you.

Keep working on it, though, and you'll surely have a gem here.

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