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Vocal booth or not?

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If the weather is nice to me, I can probably start the renovation of what will become a small studio. It's a little house on the yard of my workplace that isn't used for anything, and I'm allowed to rebuild it to a studio.

It's about 3x3 meters, and the roof is pretty low. My question is - is it worth building a vocal booth in such a small studio?

My initial plan was to get a heavy curtain and put it in a corner so it forms the two missing walls to make it a booth. Alternately we build one extra wall, and have a curtain as the fourth wall.

Anyone have any ideas about this? Since we have to isolate the walls and roof (warmth isolation), it's easy to throw up some extra walls if it will be worth it in such a small studio.

Any input is welcome :)

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Well, you don't need much room to stand, as a singer. That leaves room for your recording gear, such as whatever computer and sttuff you are using. It's not like trying to fit in a double-bass cello. 3 x 3 meters is also the average size of a bedroom, around here.

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Marcus - a vocal booth would be cool, however it could be confining because you're locking in to a certain space and location. You have to consider ventalation as I've heard people having issues with mold developing if you don't do it right.

A great alternative is a reflexion filter. That's what I use and it is every bit as effective as a vocal booth. It provides more flexibility as you can mount it on a boom stand and move it anywhere you want. You can also use it for other instruments where needed.


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Thanks geno, that filter seems like a good idea!

I've been speaking to some sound technicians and most of them have told me it's only worth building a vocal booth if I do a really good one. Otherwise buying some acoustic screens to use as walls around the singer would do the job just fine. So I might just go for that and a reflexion filter instead - seeing the space is so small to begin with.

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