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Creaking - Distortion

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Hey you guys, :D

a few days ago i started to experiment with rasp/distortion/creaking cause i like it and sounds better with my band.

i started with creaking, i really liked the sound and i practised it (didnt hurt), but after a time i could only creak and couldnt sing a clean tone anymore (i needed to wait like 15 minutes then i could do clean again).

Then i found out about distortion, i tried it today (my first time) and it was different, it didnt hurt (only when doing long time) it sounded a bit more evil and gravelly, but with this effect i could change between clean and distortion much easier then with creaking.

ive recording some random things, only the first word of the clip i did in creaking, and the rest i tried with distortion.


now ive got a few questions,

1) is this really distortion that im doing

2) can i make the distorted sound more bluesy, rocky like jorn lande?

3) is it safer then creaking?


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just make sure whatever sound effect you're going for does not drop down into the throat. some of those clips sounded a little to low, in terms of where you were positioning your sound..attempts #2-4 just going by the recording sounded a little too throaty to my ears.

just my opinion.

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thanks for your responses.

What can i do to get the sound more above? raising larynx, twanging?

does it take more breath support?

I notice that it gets easier everyday that im excersing, i can switch more easily to clean i if i want to.

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Could you give an example of Lande singing with the kind of rasp you are aiming for? Check out my Jorn cover. Is it anywhere close to what you want to achieve?


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