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Hi guys,

Went to a talent competition yesterday, my first ever (Disregarding Xfactor auditions and Star in their eyes auditions). I had a great time, gave my all but unfortunately due to some tampering behind the scenes with a contestant they won. (Her father ran the event and she also had friends on the panel who voted for them, nothing we can do unfortunately)

I got a standing ovation and received many congrats on my performance.

My biggest discovery was with the microphone. I'd never sang before with a PA system so everything was new to me. Having to know how far to hold the mic etc from my mouth, breathing, support on stage. It was an amazing experience.

My new discovery is the amount of effort you need on those higher notes. I began to realise I didn't need to push etc to reach them or make them louder. It's really opened my eyes and since last night I've found it easier to sing. I really recommend having a go on an open mic to just experience it.

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one point to consider. when you sing with a mike, just because you have the benefit of the additional sonic help, doesn't (always) mean you can let up on your vocals figuring the mic/p.a. will compensate and carry you.

it may be you need to pull away from the mic and still sing the way you sense you need to sing regardless of the sonic assitance.

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