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Vocal General Questions

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I usually start my exercises with

Humming up the scales

"Ah" Octave scales

Lip trills up the scale

I usually do variants of these exercises then do mum mum exercises. I find my tone when I do the exercises to be pretty flat. Is it all air support? Is there any exercises I can do to apply these exercises?

Also when I do the lip trill and try to do a yawn. I know the throat is supposed to vibrate as little as possible, but when I try to yawn doing lip trills, my throat starts vibrating more. Is this supposed to happen?

As my voice sounds pretty flat, are there any specific exercises that I can be working on to target that?

What important things should I keep in mind while doing exercises? I try to relax my face as well as everything as much as possible and make the sound touch the top of my mouth.

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