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Hi everybody!

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Hi! Just wanted to check what's going on after a while not having time to navigate ...

After I wanted to start my project working on my tutorial videos to my site I got into high speed of teaching music job that I don't have time doing anything else... therefore I couldn't get back to everybody that wanted to take part participating at the videos of lessons I wanted to do...

I just wanted to say that the teaching year should be over at the beginning of June and I will have time to think about my website again. Everybody that sees that and knows what I-m talking about please (If you'll remember) contact me at the beginning of June so we can continue from where we left off. .. Sorry if it looked like I was just "making promises" and then disappeared.. I am still interested on doing it, but I need to have peace of mind to give the right time for it!

I hope you are still having a lot of fun in here!!

keep the singing on! :)


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