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One man choir OR help me out, please.

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Hello my fellow singers! My band and I have written a power metal song, but we need to make a choir, and I've tried to sing 30 and up to 60 tracks of the line, but I can't make a good sounding all male unison choir. It sounds too much like me and it needs to sound like the lead singers companions singing, not the lead singer.

"We will be the saviours of our land

Never-ending glory; peace at our hands

Nothing shall extinguish our flame

From the dark horizon, shine the amber day"

Does anyone want to appear in my choir? :D So it's just not my voice.

I've cut out the choir part so you can sing along to it, and I've lowered the current vocals so you can hear the rhythm.

It would be a huge help if anyone would record themselves and be a part of this project.

www.rofleren.dk/tmvf_choir.mp3 the link for the sound file!


help me to answer if its possible to make a one man choir that doesn't sound too much like me. I've tried to sing different track in different ways, with more nasality, less and more larynx and so on, but can't make it cool.

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go to youtube. Search for the song Theocracy by the band Theocracy which at the time it was recorded was only 1 man, a guy named Matt Smith. He states that he recorded up to 70 different vocal tracks for certain parts. The last 5 seconds of the song are probably the most amazing. Maybe listening to him will help with your direction.

Also, just a suggestion. Bring up the volume of the drums to give it that pounding feel.

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I've listened to the song, but I can't really reproduce the sound in any way I know of. I've tried to sing the same piece over and over again and layer it, but I can't make it sound like, not me. I need the sound of my companions and not myself :D

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