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Practicing Quacks

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Hey everyone I just started The Four pillars today and I decided to try some quacking and would someone to have a listen to make sure I'm on the right track. I don't really feel strain while doing them but on the highest one it seems like I'm right on the edge of getting that tickle feeling in my throat so I back off some. What do you guys think?

Beware of funny noises:


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Try and get past quacking as quick as you can.

The quack is like the first step, quacking is easy.

You need to start dumping the larynx and keeping the tongue at the back of our bottom teeth, it's dampens the sound and takes away that quack edge, therefore getting the twang resonance.

Quacking is very very easy. Go more for the Nyet examples, gives you a word to word with more than just a random quack noise. Plus it helps you further on when applying to singing.

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