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Anybody have any tips or tricks on losing vocal weight?

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So, my head voice is pretty strong and effortless from about A4 to C#5. Once I get past that, I can feel a bit of strain creeping back in. I can hit an F5, but it takes a lot of effort....I think it's due to the fact that for some reason, vocal weight gets brought back in?...idk. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

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it doesn't always mean that vocal weight is being carried up, and it's unlikely you are bringing anything back. you just might have to release tension.

it may be you haven't found a shade of vowel that will allow you to release constriction.

as you ascend you want to look towards vowel shading with "uh" or "oo" to allow you to release and to better channel the air tension to the appropriate resonating cavities.

another thing to check is the larynx to see that it's not shooting up causing constriction.

another thing is your support... is it engaged so tension is diverted away from the throat so you can keep a relaxed throat, jaw, tongue all of it up high?

when you get up past a4 it really becomes more of an aiming and vowel modifying issue.

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