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Posted Myself singing some scales!

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I previously asked some questions on here bout how to build more power in the middle and head register because if i try to add too much volume most of the time it cracks out.. I just want to make sure i am on the right path with my practicing! anyways here is a recording of me doin some scales. http://soundcloud.com/tenor-abe/audio-recording-on-monday

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may i make a few suggestions?

regarding all: there is no need to do such a wide range with these scales.

a 5 tone scale is plenty, one actave, that's all for now.

the first exercise, the gug: (fold adduction) on this kind of exercise if you begin on "gug" stay with the word and pronunciation of "gug" all the way through. don't stray from the "gug." try for a little more stacatto gugs, and add just a little bit of a yawn to the tone.

on the scales, try a nice 5-tone scale using "ng."

if you're looking for more power in the mid range i would add some "mays" to your routine as well.

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I have to say tonite im just a bit proud of myself! I can now sing the hi part of the chorus of Open Arms by Journey on pitch without being wobbly! Still not a lot of power or anything but it feels good! :lol:

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