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Hey everyone. I thought I would share something that I just started doing that has helped a lot so far. It's probably something that most people already know but oh well.

During warmups I've always done lip bubbles on scales. However, I've always had to do them by placing my fingers on the corners of my mouth to make it easier. I started trying to do the bubbles without my fingers placed there and it was really hard at first but eventually it became easier. I found that forcing myself to do the lip bubbles without my fingers placed on the side really forced me to loosen up and support or it wouldn't work and it has drastically improved my support when singing.

Like I said, this is probably something that 90% of people here already knew but, since I didn't know it till recently, I thought I would share.

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any time you have you have a vocal breakthrough, no matter how small you might think it is, share it and reward yourself.


that's a great little exercise (and rehabilitator) you just don't leave home without...lol!!!

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