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Original Rock/Metal "Dogs Of The Gods"

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"Dogs Of The Gods" is the second in a series of songs inspired by Viking adventures.


Classic Rock/Metal with influences from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and others.

This is a working mix, the song isn't finished yet, for example no guitar solos yet.

Constructive criticism gratefully received :)


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Keith - thanks.

Manowar was never big in UK, so I never listened much back in the day (when my musical bones were forming). I just looked them up on Youtube, I'll get some. I was much more a NWOBHM fan (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) immersed in the music of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Angelwitch etc.

By the way, on the last song I posted you compared me to Neil Diamond. LOL!

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Tommy, pmac, Jugulator - thanks guys.

Jugulator, it's not old heavy metal, its NEW heavy metal. It just sounds like the old stuff.

I think I can hear quite a lot of sibilance, I think I need to look to my recording technique? Can someone confirm/deny what I am hearing and maybe point me ther right way please?

I use a large diaphragm condenser mic & sing about 12 cm away from it, with a pop shield (fastened to the mic stand) positioned about half way between me and the mic. I sing loud, apparently - according to my kids who are often in other rooms in the house. I put the mic signal through a pre-amp with the gain set so that I am not getting any clipping anywhere in the signal chain. I am usually peaking on plosives at about 75% of the dynamic range according to the waveform view in my recording s/w.

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