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Abs and Lyrics over Range?

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Hey- Do you guys ever encounter songs where the notes are in your range, but the lyrics and phrasing is so fast that your abs can't keep up?

For example, this cool song by Bruno Mars:

The song is not that high, but it's "Sorta high, for a long time with the lyrics coming really fast!"

I've experienced this before with Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine.

I would think that the method here would be get a good breath, tighten up your lower abs and ride the breath and support through the phrase, but man, my abs can't keep up. It normally happens to me when the song is fairly high and fast. You just can't keep the breath up.

Anybody here ever encounter that? What do you do?

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i have to deal with this with foreigner's "long, long, way from home" and kansas' "point of no return."

the way i figured it out was to think the opposite of what they sound like.

i inhale very quick between lines but take in very little air, stay as relaxed as possible up top, and you'll feel sort of empty of air as you sing it, yet you're not empty. you're just singing on what you have so you don't bind up between phrases.

does this help?

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Possibly. I find that with songs like these, I'll go through the phrase and start off okay, but then the voice will start to rasp out a bit on the top. Probably throat tension.

I dunno, maybe there are just songs that're too high or fast and I shouldn't look at trying to do them.

It gets discouraging sometimes for sure.

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tell yourself the exact opposite...you can do them and you will do them..

i was told so many times how this song or that song was not in my range or that you're not "that kind of voice."

i persevered and worked my ass off, and believe me if you work at it, and find way to get to it, you will!!!

you can many more times than not "will your voice to go places."

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I recommend practising to sing random words and melodies around the passagio and often keep the phrases short and rapid. Constantly monitor yourself so that you're not gradually tensing up. Each phrase should feel equally tough and your breathing should work like a machine. Air goes in, air goes out, air goes in .... That helped me a lot with this.

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