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breathing exercises routine

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Hi guys,

I have been doing a range of breathing exercises for the past 5 months and i must admit that i have seen a massive difference as i never run out of breath when singng. However i was just wondering, if i have already noticed that i don't run out of breath when singing anymore, do i still need to continue doing these breathing exercises? Or if i still need to continue doing them, how often in a week should i do them?

Also, could someone explain to me how the breathing exerices actually work in the body? If you were to do them consistently everyday for 5 months, does it change your breathing pattern permanently in a way that you won't run out of breath when singing?


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i'll give you the "non-technical version"...lol!!!

you now have greater lung capacity, improved stamina, greater diaphragmatic control which means more control of exhalation.

this equates to more vocal power, greater dynamics, better vocal control, and capability for higher intensity and longer notes.

range in terms of interval jumps and all are easier too. by having a stronger lower core, you also have less chance of building tension up above.

there are probably more benefits, but those are the top ones.

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After they are really consolidated, your coach will just issue some maintenence exercises that you will have to keep. Neglecting maintenence will affect your voice negatively, yes.

Keep it on the routine and you will be safe.

But breathing and support is much more than just the pattern... 5 months is enough time to have a lower breathing pattern consolidated, but support... I dont think so.

The low breathing will not become permanent unless you work to change how you breath during the rest of the day. And even if you do so, support requires not only this specific coordination but also muscular strenght and tonus, so you will need maintenence exercises for as long as you want to keep techinique.

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