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Low larynx exercises

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone knew any low larynx exercises i could do in my room which don't cause too much noise. I already know of the mum, mum and gug gug exercises. The thing is, i have a place which i practice 3 times a week however i only practice there on set days that i am allowed to. I currently live in a student accommodation and i have tried to practice several vocal exercises but it has caused too much noise for my neighbors that they have told me to stop. So i was just wondering if anyone here, knew any exercises that lower the larynx down, that are not loud or noisy when executed?


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lip bubbles with a low larynx

ng with a yawn configuration

try hums with a low larynx

not kidding, try imitating a low larynx cartoon character like barney rubble and say things like "dump, dee, dump, dump."

also, just the physical act of configuring to a yawn and holding the configuration helps.

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When I lived in a condo in Dallas, my neighbor would play his disco dance music really loud. So, I would turn my Fender 85 amp (200 watts, rms) to the wall and launch into "Snakeskin Cowboys" by Ted Nugent.

Neighbors on the other side of me were newlyweds and would celebrate, often. So, I would practice "The Immigrant Song."

Good times. Ah, the memories .....

Find a place where you can sing and then sing. Other than humming and a few of the exercises Bob mentioned, Caruso always sang in full voice, soft or loud, whatever the artistic impression led.

All you're going to learn right now is how to stifle yourself and it will become habit. To quote our own Tommy, train how you will song, just as a boxer will train how he plans to fight.

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train how you will sing, just as a boxer will train how he plans to fight.

Yes. As Ron is saying, if you practice low and subdued then you are reinforcing those practices/habits. Burning them into your CNS. You are training yourself to sing soft and subdued, shy and quiet and hoping no one hears, basically. And that is exactly what you'll end up doing. Go up on the roof and let go!!

As another saying says "If you're not careful, you might end up where you're headed."

Think about that one ;)

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Ever heard "dance no one's watching, sing like no one's listening"?

You have to find a place to sing without being worried about being heard. You WANT to be heard! The thing is, to get better you will have to practise some techniques make you sound stupid, that is a fact. However, as a singer, you do want to be heard! Maybe you don't feel ready, but eventually you will want people to stop what they're doing and listen to you, and if you've spent years trying to be quiet, you will struggle because your body and mind will be used to being subdued and meek.

Find a place where you won't bother anybody, and your voice will be a lot better for it :)

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