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Pain when phonating

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I strained my voice a bit, was talking too much and too loud, so the next day I notice that whenever the cords come together a mild pain appears, like a rubbing or scratching sensation on the cords.

Any idea what's going on here?

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Was it yesterday or is the problem already going on for a few days?

If it was yesterday, the damage needs to heal, and it would do you good to rest your voice completely if you are still feeling pain. Scratching and rubbing is pain, you are correct.

Water, and as much sleep as possible.

If its going on for days with no signs of recovery, see a doctor. Its not normal.

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Listen to what Felipe said. And, as for the talking too loud and too much, stop that. Really. If you are in a club with loud music, find a quieter place to converse.

But first, you are going to have to shut up just to recover from the damage. Guitar Center does not have rack after rack and shelf after shelf of voices that you can buy to replace yours. You've only got the one voice and when it is gone, it is gone.

Have I scared you? I hope so.

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we usually don't feel the surfaces of vocal cords at all (they are built without clear sensory nerves) so you might be feeling irritation somewhere else near-by. But I agree with Felipe & Ron, try to see a good voice doctor if you don't bounce back with a few days of very good self-care.

And consider this a learning opportunity, as Ron says we cannot take the voice for granted or shop for a replacement! If you care about singing, cannot get thoughtlessly loud or strained & expect it not to matter.

Let others think you are a "diva" or being too careful, its not their throat that you want to be able to sing with, decades from now!

best wishes for a swift recovery,


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