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I am starting this tread so people may ask specific questions. I will answer and assist to the best of my abilities. Please understand there are many different applications, as such seemingly conflicting data doesn't always indicate real contradictions. merely different application. Different applications, approach may apply depending on ones level of singing ability. It also depends on what you are trying to acheive. long term technique or short term application for a specific effect. The answers on here will be directed to the individual, rather then broad spectrum. To aid in the individuals problem or help an individual acheive a desired effect. This thread and questions asked on here should be specific to your own voice or a voice you are asking about. So where possible include a link to a sample.

To keep things in proper context. Each should understand what I state in these answers applies to the individual in his or her temporal. were he or she is at his or her personal stage/level of developement. Those more advanced should understand I am simplifiying where needed. Those just starting out may not understand or yet conceive of. I will also try to cater the vernacular to each individual so he or she has clearification.

Feel free to ask away.

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Hi Darrison, thank you for offering one on one advice :) I would like to ask if you would guide me to the most appropriate exercises (in your opinion) to strengthen my voice. Hilary has listened to my voice and suggests I need to free it from the throat. I have gone through the groups and forums and between the 'nnn's' and the 'twangs' and the 'rings' and all the other terminology that is used by singers and vocal coaches I feel lost as to where to start. My aim is to free the voice, to strengthen the breath, to increase my tone and basically to get a great folk/rock voice. I'm feeling a bit down about it as when I first came onto TMV I thought I would find lots of tips and advice, but am finding that when one is not that experienced with the jargon - it all becomes a bit overwhelming with regards to where to start and to know how to succeed at it. Thanks for any pointers and guidelines you can give - as I'm not in a position to be able to take personal vocal coaching from anyone right now.


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Darrison, here's a quick question: What is "mix" in the context I'm reading it on this site? Do you know?

I have images of a Waring blender mixing ice cubes and coconut, but I don't think that applies. I've used "mix" in the context of merging two or more monaural audio signals into one, but I don't think that's what they're talking about either.

The context seems to be "my mix" as if it's a personal matter.


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