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What's the correct technique for doing those metal growls...

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Dawid van Straaten

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I remembered Jaime Vendera's RAISE YOUR VOICE said that you should feel the growl on the soft-palate... My band requires me to do that kind of thing... (Not a big fan of it though! I was seriously hoarse after our previous practice session and couldn't get myself to do it again tonight). But I'm not sure how to do it 100%. Any ideas...?

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heyyyyy man, i just came accross this problem as well. i was gonna give jaime a call and sort it out, but i found this and it totally helped me, and i got it down. of course i could always use the extra lesson from jaime.


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dude that sounds damn evil :D

it also sounds like your adding vocal fry in there as well

if thats what your after thats cool, but if u wanna get a closer sound to the one hes doing there

u gotta add a vocal tone in there, without it being vocal fry.

try adding some more vocal tone in there, play around with it. you should be able to get the same tone hes got there

the dude says if it tickles or hurts at any time its wrong.

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