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Some questions regarding resting...

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Let's assume that we can sing correctly without major mistakes, in good environment and circumstances. The question is how long we can sing, not very simple repertoire, without rest? By analogy for example football (soccer) match takes 90 minutes. After the match football (soccer) player needs day or two days rest (this is a presumption because I'm not football specialist...). Singing also needs a lot effort so for me being tired after concert or rehearsal is quite normal. But I still have some questions...

1. What about vocalists? Does our voice need day or more days resting after for example two-hour concert or rehearsal?

2. Can a voice be tired after e.g. two-hour correct singing. Is that typical? 3. How long should we rest?

4. Where is the "health border" which can't be crossed in order to maintain a healthy voice... I suppose that this is individual... so what are the signs that we are near to this border (if it exist :) )?

5. What about overtraining? e.g. voice persistent fatigue?


just curious...

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Adarth , this will vary with the material being performed, the technique being used and a singers level of expirience , over all general health and condition matters here as well. I can tell you well trained Opera singers can do a 10 hour plus day almost continuosly, however it is still advised that you try to take a down day every ten days or so. Broadway singers generally can have a rougher time then Opera because theres more movement, the rehersal conditions can be tough and the shows can run continuosly 8 shows a week indefinately. Opera singers generally get down time between seasons. As for Rock, Metal Pop it will vary depending on technique, staging (movement) general health, difficulty of material and most importantly what someone does between performance. In these venues people have a tendency to not get sleep, party, entertain , travel and skip vocal maintance which should continue while your performing to re align and keep the voice balanced between shows. If it is well maintained you shouldn't get tired other then being tired in general, the rest of the body will ache and be exhausted before you reach vocal fatigue. It is when the body then has become exhausted and you sing without focus that you will start to exhaust the vocal mechinisim and or be exposed for viral or bacterial infection. which then begins to degrade performance.

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