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Too much phlegm

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I experience too much phlegm on my vocal cords. It affects my pitch. I don't want to use a decongestant because that works the opposite. My doc wanted me to take a steroid but I'm skeptical about that too. Any suggestions?

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I would stay away from Steroids personally. I'd be afraid of the long term effects, but maybe they are safe.

Here are a couple things that come to mind:

Avoid dairy products prior to singing which produce phlegm.

I found a product that works really well - Vocalzone. These tablets are totally natural. They were originally created for Caruso and are still in use today by many singers. Tom Jones uses them. They seem to get rid of phlegm and keep the vocal chords strong without numbing or anything unnatural. I suck on one before recording sessions.

I know that there are other vocal sprays available - I haven't tried any yet.

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  • Administrator

I too, suggest staying away from steroids. I would also steer clear of any over the counter sprays that tend to numb the throat and the vocal folds, which can consequently damage the "folds" ~ They don't necessarily cause the damage themselves, but rather cause you to strain and not realize it. I won't mention any name brands, but I'm sure you know them.

Personally, I use some of the sprays for vocalists such as Vocal Eze, Clear Voice, Entertainer's Secret, and others, but generally speaking, only during practice. Check with "Just Gotta Sing", a member here at TMV and a distributor of some of these products. He also has a video posted which is worthwhile watching.

There are tons of these products and Thayer's "Dry Mouth Spray" may help with the phlegm. They also produce Slippery Elm Lozenges which has been used by vocalists since the 1800's ! It comes in a powdered form as well which can be used as a "tea", mixed with honey, or used as a gargle.

Generally speaking, I drink a LOT of water daily mixed with a few drops of Bee Propolis. During performances, recording sessions, or long practice sessions, I stick with plain H2O and sometimes "mix things up" with different teas, both at room temperature. Check out the Vishudda Teas page and advertisements here at TMV as well. Excellent products and I recommend them !

Bee propolis, Slippery Elm Lozenges and powder can be found at http://www.I-Herb.com (along with a lot of other herbal products). Here's a discount code you can use for your first order if you choose: DOL-154.

Hope this has been of some help...

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