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How to get rid of nodules on my vocal chords

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Hey there,

I am working with a vocal coach at the moment to find my middle voice, I am singing and practicing most days and doing a three hour set twice a week. I have nodules on my vocal chords and wonder if anyone has any advice for me???


Sarah: sorry to be so direct, but why are you practicing 'most days' and singing gigs 2 times a week with nodes? Any ENT that would diagnose nodes would tell you the recommended vocal rest and/or therapy which are part of the standard protocol.

There are 2 things to do: 1) vocal rest, usually 6-8 weeks without talking and singing, and 2) vocal therapy to remediate the speech habits (or singing habits) that caused the nodes. This usually will involve re-working your way of talking, and likely your technique of singing. I'll let the voice therapists and doctors in TMV fill in the details for you.

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