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Adam Lambert...

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Hey guys,

Especially CVT guys ;),

Any ideas of what's going on with his voice? Especially the high notes. The D5 and E5's.

He seems to use a bit of twang to get that edge and bite, yet not enough to evoke 80's metal images.

Amazing how he gets these biting tones up high, but is loose enough to have amazing vibrato!

Any thoughts? Analysis?

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It's MLN - Metal Like Neutral - Also called "fake edge/belt".


Martin H: Metal Like Neutral! :-) How do you do it? Edge mode with slightly warmer vowels ?

Listening to the recording, I also hear that it is mixed so that the high frequencies are not as prevalent overall, band included. Perhaps some of what is missing is the pinging highs mixed into the original band and voice.

I thought his slide up between 2:20 and 2:25 was very interesting. He did a very good job of his vowel modification, IMO.

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folks, as a sidebar, when plant did this song live, he often raised the pitch to engage a predominance of falsetto to enable an easier go of the vocal demands this song placed on his voice. at the higher pitch he could preserve his voice for touring. he would work a reinforced falsetto similar to what he favored in the later years....

notice the difference. he must have realized the falsetto was going to be much easier on the throat pitched a 1/2 step up.

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Steven, that's so interesting; the high frequencies being chopped out.

Is there a reason for doing this?

Could you elaborate on the slide performed at 2:20? I'm trying to listen for the vowel mod, but am not sure what exactly I'm listening for.

I wonder what these head tones would sound like stand alone, like he was doing an incremental exercise.

Would they sound thinner? Or sillier/cartoonier? I'm wondering if the licks (slides etc) provide a bit of illusion that there is more connection in tone quality than there actually is... (Like the illusion Robert so often mentions).

Overall, I'm noticing that it just doesn't sound like he's using much effort! Maybe a sign of good technique? :)


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i know im gonna get shot down for this, and believe me i am a Zepplin and Plant fan but i actually prefer Lamberts voice on the lambert recording vs zep live video. on the vid plants sounds a bit strained (unintentional distortion at top of chest range) and whiny/shrill. i would say lamberts voice is technically more proficient but of course taste of tone and timbre is a personal preference but being objective and taking away the fact that zep and plant are icons and i am a classic rock fan i think i do actually prefer lamberts voice here.

that slide/siren lambert does starting at 2:16 is actually kinda easy (once youve built some adduction/connection into the head voice) in the sense that its starts at B above middle C and goes up to E above high C. this means for a lot of tenor and baritone voices the range of the slide is over a selection of notes where there are no bridges or passaggi in the voice. in SLS talk this means it starts firmly in the head voice (far enough away from the seam/bridge from mix voice to head to be problematic) and continues up to and stops at the top of head voice before it would go to the next register (super head voice/pure head voice) of course many voices are different so you may find something like a semitone difference between voice/bridges. because of where the slide is in register you wouldn't necessarily even have to narrow and slightly deepen the vowel if you didnt want to (though i would suggest it because it actually gives an even greater sense of ease to do) to achieve a natural thinning and lightening as the slide goes up like in the recording.

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