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Big It Up For The Maestro

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Those keyboard warriors are just full of crap. Of course no two singers are going to sound exactly the same. Paul gives a lot of emotion to the song. These types of comments pisses me off. I'm sure that 99% of the people in the audience that got the chance to talk to Paul afterwards would have said that he was awesome. I've sung a lot of covers myself - of course I don't sound like the original singers - and people tell me that they really liked it. I think people simply behave differently behind the keyboard.

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Unlike others I wasn't heart broken to hear someone other than Freddie singing this song. I agree Paul Rogers interpretation is interesting and musical. Interesting, the more I listen to Paul sing it the more I like his production; however, I still prefer Freddie Mercury's production on The Show Must Go On. All respect, just my opinion.

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