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Voice teacher or speech pathologist

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My readings from on vocal nodules suggest that ENT doctors prefer preventation and treatment done by speech therapist. This makes sense to me too, as it seems that vocal nodules are more frequently caused during speech events than singing. Some singers, e.g. screamers, do abuse.

If we look at

by a laryngologist, we see that he says that technique is only sometimes possibly a cause of nodules. And, throughout the websites I've seen, it seems that because speech is used all the time, whereas singing is used occasionally and with rest afterwards usually, improper speech methods are more likely to cause vocal nodes.

It seems to me then, that the correct preventative method is first speech therapist and then vocal instructor on proper methods of using resonance. Speech therapists usually have a college degree on this. Vocal instructors are much more difficult to find the right match.

What do you think?

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I have been treated by both of them at the same time. They talked to each other and shared information on what I was doing during the vocal lessons, change my lesson rutine and gradually introduce different voice exercises.

Some of the vocal exercises can go against the therapists treatment and viceversa... some of the therapists exercises can go against the particular technique you're working on.

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