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RnB singer vvith a lovv and limited range

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((before I start my post I have no VV key LOL)) I vvant to really sing..more..of today's styles of music like pop and RnB, Gospel , but most but my range to sing them in is too lovv, it either be too lovv or..high, ((I think I'm a bass but I don't knovv)) I can go as lovv as ((E2))F2 to as high as E4 ((at max G4)) But i can go up to C5 But up pass that it isnt..really..singable((like song vvise I can ..vvarm up to C5 in false)) , heck anything above E4 it gets hard to control and vveak, and doesn't have the richness form G2-D4 in my range. It might be i just need alot more..training, and the other thing; but the thing is..me and runs and riffs....I can do some, but not alot..of dem, I'd love to..learn hovv to do them..like..so i can..really, Here a video of me trying to..runn and riff in a gospel song and then hears vvhat im talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sb_8tij1CU; And also this is also a question about songvvriting, i have chord progression a song like, hovv do i make..a vocal part..from the chord progression, like; C-G-am-em-am-C-G-D-em-F-G; Then the chours, ((theres like a rthyme to it..cant really explain, but hovv vvould i make..a vocal from these...progessions?)); Sorry about this..mixed up topics LOL, it just music makes me carried avvay....!!!

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First of all your range is not limited. If the quality of those notes are good than your range is better than most. A majority of people who claim to have huge ranges are really just singing in a disconnected falsetto.

I am happy to be able to maintain connection up to C#5 and on good days E5. I can vocalize up to C6, but it doesn't matter because most of the pitches I sing in the 5th octave are disconnected. If you have to "break" to sing certain pitches then don't sing them. Just focus on singing as far as comfortable and no flipping/disconnecting.

The pitches will come a lot slower in this way, but the quality of sound will be well worth it!

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Like the others have said, try to get a vocal teacher if you can.

In addition, it doesn't hurt to read books and get advice from other places (like youtube videos).

If you want to know more about the technical aspects of the Voice, you can try "The Voice Book" by Kate Devore.

In particular, there are separate chapters (with practical exercises) on alignment, breathing, and resonance.

If you need a daily vocal workout CD to go along with, I'd recommend "The Contemporary Singer: Elements of Vocal Technique" by Anne Peckham. I do the workout 6 days a week (High workout Mon-Wed-Fri, Low workout Tues-Thur-Sat, 1 day of rest on Sunday).

You can also try "Vocal Warm-ups" by Hal Leonard.

IMHO, it's more for seasoned pros.

Anne Pechkham's workout (31 minutes) really builds up your voice over time.

I've been using it for over a year now.

There's no replacement for a voice teacher.

But at least you can build your voice and learn more about the voice in your spare time.

Anyway, good luck with everything.

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Thanks yall :), I need to really..get a vocal teacher, That that solution to all this, I did..the program Singing Success for a vvhile it helped a bit, but vvhen i got into..collage, thats vvhen I really..started ..to get into my voice, because..my vocal teacher she knevv her stuff, she could teach classical all the dovvn to pop she knevv hovv to open up the cheat voice head voice,, but the thing is..she is..being replaced and i have no idea..hovv this gonna effect my vocal training, just completed first year of..voice..in..collage, I'm hoping..that my next..vocal instructor is going to..be pretty good.

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I need to locate..a more of..a private..lesson teacher, to I vvant be on top of..it and have more..personally time vvith my vocal teacher, And Ovven Korzec that really motivated me, I really vvant atleast sing, to C5 at full voice vvith a nice..tone balanced, truefully, I'd love it if I could sign up to G5 because I can..sometimes..make..a vvhimpy..sound up there..., and im thinking maybe just maybe i might be able to, but the vvay I pratice, it just..seems impossiable, so hopefully i can't..get a private teacher asvvell as have collage instruction

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It's good to have goals, but don't get so obsessed over vocal range.

Focus on making your usuable range stronger and build your voice

over time.

By the way, what are the nearest metro areas for you?

Maybe you can find voice lessons in a metro area close to you.

You can often find voice lessons advertised on Craigslist in your area.

Even better, maybe you can get voice lessons at your college.

Or maybe even get lessons from a graduate music student.

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