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Hi there, Hello modern vocalist

I'm sing have been singing for two years now. Started to feel comfortabel in all of the old Kiske Helloween songs. That is my favourite band, and Kiske is my

all time best singer, and also the one becouse of whom i started practice singing. Oh how much i love Kiske's voice.... So now i ultimatle can relax out the songs of me. Lots of training, vocalising, healthy food, sports, good conscience, and a lot of straw-breathing what i've been doing for this. BUT

still there are some notes, i simply cant understand. I realize, that there are many laryngeal configurations in the head, and at those notes, i just cant elect the proper, and cant elect the appropriate amount of pressure, and volume. I slowly noticed, that he has a rare technique, and a strange, perhaps nasal voice, when he sings higher, but quieter. Also noticed, that the compressed and mastered vocals confuse me. So now i'll give the video, and the voice i wanted, and please instructors tell me the laryngeal configurations, the volume, and support, the (mixed, chesty, rainforced falsett) stuff,and the appropiate vowel, and how much i have to open the mouth, so write everiything in a very detailed way.

I. Fagle Fly Free:

Last two notes. From 4:46 . Here is simply lose air. He does for an eternity, i can do it another way, for 5 seconds.... Help me...

II. I want out:

From 3:55 19 seconds aof what the heck... What's this? HOW? Whyyyyyy? A can't train more, if i do not no what to train. Than from 4:16 to 4:26. Its a little bit easier to me. But why? This is hard and bad, but why it seems easire to me?

III. Mankind:

5:19 High chorus. That was the point i noticed, i have to leave pulling chest, and sit in my head fuller.... I hope you got what i meant But still not sure about it it is so strange..

IV. How many tears:

7:20 Pulled head or rainforced falsett?

V. Dr. Stein

4:41 (last but one "time is right"). i can hit it in a strange wide-wide open littlebit nasal voice.

Thats for now I will post cuestions more, if i get some more. Please help I've been trying theese, and while all got closer and better, those notes stagnate.

Lack of air, short notes i cant understand

thank you

with a lot of letters,

Ferencz Arnold (Arnold is first name)

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all i can say is you can't get close to these highs without using your head voice and falsetto.

if you need help holding out notes, may i suggest some breath control exercises per any of the great vocal instructors.

these notes must occur in the "top down" method

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Thank You for the answers.

But i think, becouse of my infantile style of writing, i was misunderstood.:)

I can sing these songs. I can perform they for a little bit of time now. I'm a tmv reader for two years:), and i learned, and totally understood all the jargon that you guys were saying, and i know it was a long journey, to arrive here. I now all the stuff around the chest/head thing, the head is a register falsett is a timbre, the inhalation sensation, where is the soft palate, as you go up think down, as you ascend decrease volume, and air...

But i arrived to a next step. I want to perfectly crystallize my Kiske voice:) while i became familiar whit my own voice.

What now i want, is that BARKING DOG sounding on these HYPER LONG notes, on that CRAZY VOWEL, which i can't describe in english, and its between e and o. That is why i asked the question, and hope i helped you, to help me:)

Thank you again for all the stuff you taught me.


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Robert, I'm also very curious about your thoughts on that Kiske voice. I think it's very similar to what Tate did (Kiske admits that Tate was one of his biggest influences).

Arnolduis, to me it has always been helpful to hit the notes in a certain manner, just as if i was crying or whimping, it seems to give me the right configration, and I can sing those high notes with wide vibrato and hold them for pretty long time. I'm certainly not even close to Kiskes perfection and I don't know if it's a healthy approach, still wanted to share my thought with you, maybe it can help you too. I'd appreciate if someone more experienced would relate to what I've just wrote:)

THere is also a great interview with Kiske on thevoiceconnection.com , where he shares his thoughts on singing, I think it may be helpfull. Cheers!

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