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Silent Lucidity sample for Felipe

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Felipe wanted to hear the low part of Silent Lucidity (the beginning).

I recorded three different samples. These aren't about "the perfect rendition" so I realize it may be off a little. It is just to get an idea of the weight of my lower tones. (I think.:D). My voice broke a few times but I've been sick for awhile. I only focus on the beginning as Felipe suggested because I don't do the high notes. Beyond my range.

The first sample is my low tone trying to get low like the original.

The second is me singing it how I would if I covered it....just my regular singing.

The third is for your amusement and I show you why I don't sing this song. In this sample I go up to the high note "Suddenly you hear and see". ouch :D



Regular voice


With high notes


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Well I can't sing this song, that's for sure but how did I do as far as this?

I would like to hear you do "Silent Lucidity" but I don't think you can hit bottom of "someone close to you leaving the game of life," especially on the word, life.


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Just heard it Tommy.

Your voice is strong and heavier than the usual male voice, but I dont know if its as deep as you were told... Its my opinion that this classification was premature.

So its a heavier voice, most surely. But its not deep enough to allow a baritone classification right away. And, if I was to guess, and thats all ANY person can do before you fully train your voice, I would say tenor.

On the lower sections, its clear that your voice wants to open, and you did not go for the lower notes. As the pitch rises a bit, it becomes much more smooth.

You see, although the higher sections need work, you are kinda "reaching" for those notes and hitting them, even though without quality. For a baritone, doing that on chest, as you are doing, is almost impossible. lol even for light tenors its quite a chalenge.

Its within your reach, most surely, and it depends solely on what you want to do. This section of the voice, is the most crucial and hardest to get under control. So its not like just trainning a "little" bit. In order to sing this kind of material you will have to go all the way. It can be as easy as singing other songs that sits lower, really, it can be that easy.

For your voice, because of this strong and very unique tonal quality, the trainning is even more important, because any small problem that takes you away from your full voice will sound huge.

Anyways, I hope it helped you. I know that you are not the "showy technical" kind of guy, but technique, when used to simply allow you to express yourself, just allow more freedom, no matter the ammount you have. Of course, to train you will need to find a coach that not only knows his stuff, but also can create a certain connection, so you will be influenced, its natural and happens all the time. Do not refrain from trainning thinking that you will become a range maniac ok? The best and more virtuous singers I know are not.


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Thanks Felipe. My only reason for training to get better at the higher end would be as you say, more freedom in my chosen range. I think I prefer singing in a more mid range and a bit higher (as I have been posting) area so that I can express myself more easily and to maintain tone as well. I'm sure that with lots of training those higher notes I can't hit might come. But at the moment they just aren't musical to me but more "over reaching."

Tenor you say? lol. After the last few posts here concerning my voice and what was said yesterday, I just ordered Frisells "the Baritone Voice." :lol: Ain't that a kick in the ass.

I think I will continue in the genre and type of music I have grown to love and not try to impress anyone with my high notes :) However I will continue to train and grow in an effort to gain overall freedom.

I have also been working on "Whiter shade of Pale. " I can sing the whole thing but don't like that one high word "was." I can get it pretty strong but need to shad the word a bit better. "wus" or "waas." These last couple of threads have given me a new hope!

Thanks...great help!

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From what I understand of Frisell's style, expect the baritone book to be similar in approach as the tenor book, just about 3/4 of an octave lower. That is, you will start in falsetto and then head voice, to allow your head voice control to achieve dominance. Then, you will let back in the"chest" power, which is really volume and ring, rather than what many people think is "chest." It's an auditory illusion.

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So its a heavier voice, most surely. But its not deep enough to allow a baritone classification right away. And, if I was to guess, and thats all ANY person can do before you fully train your voice, I would say tenor. <snip>

I thought Geoff Tate was a Baritone? He gets way down as well as way high! Could it be possible I am Baritone on the higher or lighter side. I guess anything is possible right :) I don't understand much about these classifications...sorry.

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Tommy, I think what Felipe might be hinting at, without full appraisal of your voice, is that you might be a light baritone, though I think more likely a second tenor, someone who has a more dramatic sound or heavy sound, maybe even dramatic tenor, though you have yet to encompass the two octaves of the tenor range.

But who cares? Especially in the blues, it's not about range but feel. Kenny Wayne Shepard and Johnny Lang, both young blues prodigies in their day, had incredible tone but never sang high. Nor did Jeff Healy.

BB King sings within an octave to 1.5 octaves.

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