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singing with a cold

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This might sound odd,but one tine I had the flu,I was all stuffed up and shit,anyways when I sang I was on key better than normal.I think it was like a natural ear muffing,like when you plug your ears you can hear key notes better ,its like I had perfect pitch!.Has anybody ever had the same thing,and can you explain it.thanx...filjoe

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Hi Filjoe,

Whilst I don't question your ability to reflect on your own pitch, I do wonder how you were able to hear that you where on key if you were "all stuffed up".

Nevertheless, the flu (common cold) generally leads to a swelling of the vocal folds and membranes lining the vocal tract, and therefore you might be wise not to exert the voice, such as during a performance, when you have bad cold. "Singing on a cold" can lead to greater concerns than pitch difficulties...you might like to read my article, "Am I too sick to Sing" (http://www.djarts.com.au/index_files/archive07.htm#TooSicktoSing) for further thoughts in this regard.

As for your particular issue - I wonder whether your 'cold enduced' lethagy lead to less tension. A reduction of muscular tension can be helpful with things such as pitch accuracy. Ultimately, anyone responding to your post will be tacking a stab in the dark, because it could have been any number of things - but I hope my thoughts prove useful for next time you have a cold.

DK. :D

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