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Throat while singing

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I'm sure this question has been answered already but recently this problem has been occurring with me.

How do you know if you are using your throat to sing? I'm trying to get the sound in my face to have that buzz near my face but all I can feel now is sound coming out of my throat for the most part.

I'm trying to find that place where it feels so relaxed when I sing but I can't seem to find it without sounding too breathy.

Breath support tips?

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First of all, you are "using your throat" to sing, there is no other way around, your larynx is the source of sound, period.

Now, what is usually said to be a voice on the throat is, when using the placement and resonance track to guide your voice, exactly these feelings you describe here. As if the voice is comming from the throat and then out.

When free of constrictions and unneeded tensions, no sensation whatsoever on the throat takes place, it feels as the voice begins upper, and forward in your head.

Thing is, to develop it to this point, even on a single note and vowel, it takes a lot of work, including support, breathing, ajustment of emission and exercises to relax existant tensions and constrictions.

You see, there is not really a way to "place" your voice, its just sound, it travels and exists on all the air you are have inside AND outside your body. Proof of it is that you can have the same sensations when phonating while inhaling, instead of exhaling (it may actually give you a clue of how this placement feels like).

But these sensations are wonderfull tools to help you learn and train.

I recommend looking for a coach to work with this kind of approach, you will not be able to hear the problems that are getting in your way, moreso, you will not be able to treat them properly.


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I find that a good way to get the 'buzz' in the mask is to go "mmmmmmmm" with relaxed closed lips as if youre really enjoying the taste of something, "mmmmmm delicious!" You can jackknife your upper body perpendicular to the floor to assist that. Keep at it until you begin to feel the buzz in your lips/mask getting stronger and stronger. Make sure youre not tensing other stuff up in the throat while doing it

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