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Check this out, some very good high singing in chest voice...

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While I'm sure no one here speaks Hebrew, I think you'll be able to appreciate it from a technical standpoint.

It's a quiet ballad, but it has several very high phrases and sections.

I don't have a keyboard near me, but I'm pretty sure I'm hearing some 5th octave notes sung in good ol' chest voice.

I did also catch couple mixed/blended notes, and 1-2 unstable notes, but overall this is done very very well I thought.

You can also notice the proper posture and support goin' on in the video for this kinda intense endeavour.


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that is not full chest voice production. that is a mixed voice with narrow vowels. there are elements of chest voice musculature used, but it's her well developed mix and strong head voice musculature that's responsible for most of that production.

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