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Me holding a note for over 1 minute, + THROAT SINGING

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The guy with the world record (57 seconds) inspired me.

purpose: only to show sustain, not good sound. I can make throat singing much stronger when not holding a note for over a minute.

I countes 70 seconds.

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All you need now is a dijeridoo. So, what value have you gained from this? Better management of the breath? That's a good thing. Changing resonance, also a good thing. Creating consonant sounds with a flip of the tip of the tongue, could help in articulation.

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Well yes i primarily do it for diaphragm practice, but the throat singing severely lacks quality if you are using minimal airflow, not to say that a small amount isn't good, but minimal is too little to carry it properly. interestingly, my toungue was sore after doing it, don't know of what use that might be. the throat singing master Kongar Ol Ondar can do 'lip vibrato' to add vibrato to the overtones!

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