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Any support tips for singing while sitting playing piano?

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When warming up, practicing, working out (whatever you wanna call it) while standing, I can easily concentrate on the singing itself and proper breathing and support.

However, when I sit at my piano, all goes to hell.

Please note, I'm not talking about playing scales on the piano while practicing, I'm talking about actually playing and singing songs.

I try to maintain proper posture, but as you get into the playing and singing itself, I'll find myself rocking back and fourth, moving around in my seat side to side, you know, getting into it.

And often I'll notice that I'm running out of breath towards the ends of phrases, and I also feel I don't have enough support to go louder in volume or pitch past a certain point or I'll strain.

None of these are an issue when standing up.

Any support tips from forum members who sing while playing the keys?

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This is a piano playing solution, not a singing solution actually. You have to practice the peiece to the point where it becomes second nature, your hands play, you sing. That's all there is to it.

If you think 'but i have the piece down so well' then you simply don't have it down well enough, becuse if you can play it without thinking, without concentrating, then you won't make mistakes when singing. It really doesn't take that long to burn a song into memory anyways, as i'm sure you know.

But just try that, im certain that it'll work.

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Thanks for the tips guys.

I guess doing some breathing exercises while seating down could work.

It's easier said then done "just let the playing come as second nature" or "don't worry about the playing", I personally need to pay attention to what I'm doing on the keyboard, because I have a tendency to stumble around even with songs I played a million times, IF i'm not paying attention to the keyboard.

I can sing while playing keys just fine, it's just that I don't have support properly configured in my brain while I'm sitting down, leaning forward towards the keys etc.

I'll be working on it.

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I know this might sound weird, but maybe there is a music keyboard stand that allows you to stand up and sing/play.

In Silicon Valley, one of the big trends is that computer programmers now use stand-up desks. They

are height adjustable. Instead of sitting, they stand up and program software on their computers.

It has lead to greater productivity in the workplace.

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I have been working like this for years. Going back 8-10 years when I was working in corporate environments, I was the only person that choose to stand up at work. It is liberating and a lot more productive... and you burn more calories.

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