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sweet spot problems

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So i had a what i think was a little break through today. I found a nice sweet spot in the lower part of my voice which seemed to resonate really well. My main problem has always been that i squeeze too much so my tone has always been quite thin, but i backed off a bit, raised my palate and boom!

The only thing is that accompanying this resonance was a loud piercing sound in my ear. The sound got louder the stronger the resonance so i'm guessing it was harmonics/overtones. It was the same kind of sound you get if you went to a gig and didn't use ear protection. The thing is, i'm not sure if that's a good thing? i mean it felt great to get the resonance, but not to have a screaming sound in my ear. I recently had my adenoids removed as they were rather large which has cleared my hearing a bit too as they were blocking my eustachian tubes, so i'm wondering if this has anything to do with it..?

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If one or both of your Eustachian tubes stays open, it makes a direct sound path into your middle ear, which will sound enormously loud. Its possible that your adenoid procedure has revealed that you need to learn how to shut the tubes.

A way to tell: Without singing, plug your ears with your fingers from the outside, and breathe slowly, listening for the sounds. If the Eustachian tubes are open, you will sound like Darth Vader in your own head. Then, take an easy breath and just hum a bit. If this humming is very loud, and sounds like it is entirely in your head, then the tubes are likely open.

Another test you can do is to practice your plosive and fricative consonants... to see if your adenoid surgery has left you with a little gap at the top of the back of the throat that the soft palate is not sealing. If you can sustain a Z or a V, or say a clean, crisp P, or TH (voiced or unvoiced) then this is not an issue for you. However, if you find an issue with those sounds, its possible that the uvula is not guite sealing things up without the adenoids there.

If so, talk to your Dr. on one of your surgery follow-ups. Some simple practice of these sounds may help, but your doc will be familiar with what is going on.

I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks for the responses :)

@Steven: regarding the first test you mentioned, i actually used to get that before surgery.. i could hear my breathing very loud within my head and some notes seemed to buzz very loud in my ears but in a blocked kind of way if that makes sense..! after surgery those sensations have gone so i was wondering whether the sounds i am hearing are ones that would not have got through to my ears before because they were blocked by the overpowering sound created by the resonance in the adenoids.

I really hope at least some of that makes sense!

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