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don't judge a book by its title!

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i just took a chance with reading this book "singing for dummies." it was great. it came with a cd of over 50 plus exercises.

i thought of those folks who are always wanting to hear examples of different exercises like messa di voce, descending slides, and all.....this might be just the reference you need.

it contains exercise demonstrations from the most basic to advanced...great cd.

then i noticed the author came out with "singing exercises for dummies" with over 90 exercises.

can't wait to dig into that one next.

what can i say..i'm an information junkie.....lol!!!

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Last month they released "Singing Exercises for Dummies" :D

It's a more exercise oriented approach covering all sorts of topics.

This one is focused on the technical aspects of singing.

So it's probably a great book to use after "Singing for Dummies".

You might also want to try "The Voice Book" by Kate Devore.

Kate Devore is a speech/vocal therapist and has rehabilitated damaged voices

for all kinds of people. Lots of technical info on the voice itself (both for singing

and public speaking) and practical exercises for everything. Lots of good advice

on how to prevent vocal injury as well as stories of her fixing her clients' vocal


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I passed by it when I was in Barnes and Noble about a year ago or so. I wasn't expecting much, but curiosity got the better of me, and I took a look over it.

I was quite surprised at just how comprehensive it was, yet didn't seem packed with overwhelming technical jargon.

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