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What record companies like vs what America likes

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Something that I've found interesting while watching reality singing competitions

is the huge difference between what judges like and what America likes.

If you watched NBC's "The Voice" last season, in the earlier stage, the judges pick who

gets eliminated. But part way through, it changes and the viewers vote and decide who

stays and who gets eliminated.

Even when America votes, the TV show lets the judges give their opinions.

Oddly, the judges opinions have NO strong correlation with who stays and who goes.

The people that the judges (professional singers) pick are NOT the singers that America wants.

The singers that America liked didn't always have the best technique and often they were "pitchy", but I don't most regular people could identify "pitchiness" if they heard it. I've always though that tone, emotion, and delivery were what people tend to connect with.

It makes me wonder about record companies and labels. The people that A&R(the guys that discover

and lure in new talent) like might likely have no relation to what America actually wants. They are listening

with "musician ears" and not "regular ears".

Does anyone find this to be the case?

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So, I'll mention Colby Calais, again. She audition for AI. She did not even make it to the televised auditions where the judges either fawn over a contestant or laugh at them. She just wasn't the kind of "drama" they were looking for. And she had a huge hit with her first single and album.

Also, and someone can prove me wrong, but a large audience for these talent shows is often women. Someone offered the reason that Adam Lambert lost, even though he was the better singer by both the estimation of the judges and his co-finalist, David, because the audience was voting for whom they thought they had the best chance to get a date. And Adam just wasn't hetero enough to get that vote. Which has absolutely nothing to do with his talent and he's out there working, by the way. Recording albums, touring, etcetera.

In the world of record companies, especially as hard media sales drop in the advent of digital download, piracy, and all that, they become even more tight than usual. I am reminded of the onset of "grunge." Once that broke, companies wanted to make each new band "grunge." For example, I never thought of Alice in Chains or even Pearl Jam as grunge. They were more heavy blues with what I could hear as a strong Led Zep influence. And parts of Black Sabbath, as well. But with a wave of the record company wand, you are now "grunge." Get some flannels and Doc Martens and sing about how you hate yourself.

Buy then, the buying public had moved one. Because each generation grows. The young people today are not in to AC/DC like dad is, even though AC/DC is writing songs the way they always do. Though there is always a new generation that can appreciate the oldies.

There are countless stories in the music business where a company passed on a band, only to find later that the band became monstrous huge through some independent label.

Aerosmith was rejected, at least once, sometimes more than once, by every label they approached.

Major labels had no idea what to do with Guns and Roses. They went with what was a fledging label called Geffen Records. Geffen pressured hard his one friend at MTV. And got the video played just once about 1 am on a Sunday morning. And the phones blew up.

Who knows why record companies do that? But bands do it to themselves. Even singers do it to themselves. Trying to sound exactly like someone else. Either the band or the singer wants to sound exactly like someone else, or the record company wants them to sound like someone else.

It's crazy.

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Someone mentioned that Pop music has moved to where everything sounds the same, and it's happened in Country music as well.

So many songs sound alike. I've listened to songs where the artist tries to cram in lyrics in order to tell the story. And they end up sounding so fake.

Maybe it has to do with the costs involved in producing someone nation-wide. There's too much on the line to take a chance. So they go with what sold yesterday, package it a little differently and feel confident that it will sell today.

I'm honestly sick of it, and spend most of my time listening to Country and Rock from the 60's to the 80's.

Like George Strait and Alan Jackson said: someone committed murder on Music Row. The stars of yester-year couldn't get in the door today.

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I don't think that americans themselves actually have any kind of influence or choice. As far as the supposed Reality singing contest shows. None of that is reality. It's not about weather you can sing or not. If you can't and they want you there they will get you lessons.

In my opinion and it is only my opinion, what they do is look for someone who is willing to do what they want them to do. Some of the shows have songs for their contestents to sing. You don't pick your own. They groom you for their purposes. We are subject to what the broadcasters want us to see and hear. Yes you have a choice. A choice of their selection.

Whenever I go into a public place that has music. If it is a radio station playing it is an OLDIES station. The person in charge of the radio puts on a station that has the most songs that they actually want to hear. Music that was made at least 20 years ago.

Some of the earlier bands wrote their own songs and had a choice in what songs they actually wanted to have on their albums.

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Doesnt Seam like Anyone of you actualy watched any of these shows:p everyone knows that in america the one with the best Sobstory/dead aunt(i do this for her she always wanted me to sing)/ been poor Living on the streets / bullied in school bla bla bla Wins or get through to next rounds...

Nothing wrong with having hardships in life we all do that, but spilling it on primetime tv... It's like watching extreme Homemakeover(good show though) ;) but the family gets to sing abit :)

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I live in America. I don't believe any reality programs on american TV has any truth in them.

I had to edit this.

I do not watch these shows because of the way that I feel about them. The performers and contestants may have gone on the show because of a true desire to sing. They may really believe in themselves. Some of their stories may be true. But I still think that what they show as Americas vote is made up. Someone associated with the show desides who is going to win. They will do what they think will help ratings.

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Dunno why they would manipulate results? I mean if that got out the damage would already been done, remember they can display the contestant the way they choose.

Wouldnt be that Hard to get america to voteing for the Guy/girl they want they want to win, if thats their agenda.

If they would manipulate the telephone voting(wich brings allllloot of cash) you can only imagine the legal issues ...

Never wondered why certain contestants got soooo much airtime whilst others you hardly see?

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Part of the manipulation. Even if they actually Tally the telephone votes. They manipulted you to vote the way they want you to. Just like a magician can cause you to choose a card he wants you to choose. whatever set up they have May not work on every one but it will work on enough people to sway the vote to who they want to win.

Could be as simple as an aversion to the color yellow or the fact that most people like the color blue.

You have the contestant that you want to loose wear something yellow every night and the one that you want to win wear blue.

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Doesnt Seam like Anyone of you actualy watched any of these shows:p everyone knows that in america the one with the best Sobstory/dead aunt(i do this for her she always wanted me to sing)/ been poor Living on the streets / bullied in school bla bla bla Wins or get through to next rounds...

Nothing wrong with having hardships in life we all do that, but spilling it on primetime tv... It's like watching extreme Homemakeover(good show though) ;) but the family gets to sing abit :)

Very true. American Idol milked the Danny Gokey story for everything it was worth a few years ago. (his wife died not long before he auditioned)

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these singing shows are basically test markets in disguise. the concept is brilliant...ironically.

assess a singer's potential to make our record company money before we actually sign him. oh wait, didn't work this time?, change the rules....

it's all about delivering profits to the stockholders.

those cattle calls aren't really for getting the top singers...they're picked way before that show airs.

sadly, it all about money...money buys promotion...and expert promotion can turn a nobody into a star.

that's the bottom line.

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The sad thing is that even the winners don't do very well. The winner of

"The Voice" last year (Javier Colon) didn't sell well on his debut album.

Also, the winners (Committed) of Season 2 of NBC's "The Sing Off" also

didn't have a successful debut album.

Basically, after winning, music producers pigeon-holed them into an album that just didn't fit

either of them. I'm amazed how producers could've screwed up with both winners. They

were incredibly talented. Both were just horribly mismanaged.

What's the point of having these shows if they're not allowed to be themselves and shine on the debut album?



Also, the points about the voting being rigged (or even fake) make sense.

All reality shows on TV are fake and scripted. No reason why singing competitions

couldn't be as well.

The only singing competition that I really respected was "The Sing-Off", but NBC cancelled

that show and replaced with a lame reality singing show. "The Sing-Off" had amazing talent

and the judges seemed really honest. There were some tough decisions, but, in the end, I agreed

with them.

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The only show that I liked that was like that was Nashville Star. I only saw it a couple of times. What I liked was that they tooK what appeared to be total Amateur and by the last show they were polished. They would have them work with coaches Like Brett Manning, Get tips from Current stars in their genre and they would show parts of their lessons throughout the week. You would see them working on songs with people like Barry Manilow. Now that was Awesome.

That used to be the way you BROKE INTO the nashville scene. Open mike night and Nashville Star type talent shows.

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You guys probably wouldn't like it, but the only audition program that I thought was very insightful was a korean one a friend showed me called kpop star (pretty cheesy, yeah). This one's different from a lot of other audition shows because the judges consists of 2 CEOs of korean entertainment companies and another singer. It's pretty entertaining

Skip to 1:20

The first 5 episodes with english subs are here:


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