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Teachers teaching Frisell's method?

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Does anyone happen to know if there are teachers around teaching Frisell's approach or similar in any corner of the world?

I want to devote myself for my vocal progress and I'm sick and tired of trying to figure things out on my own with little luck, I'm now thinking of finding a good teacher somewhere abroad. I would like to work with someone who understands these principles that Frisell explains in his book about developing "mixed voice" and the use of "messa di voce".

On the other hand I'd like to hear if there are downsides / faults to Frisell's workout and approach, if anyone can comment on this?

I'm feeling kind of desperate, I don't think things are working right now.

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in the book ironically called "singing for dummies" which is inexpensive and quite helpful, there is a cd that demonstrates a lot of the exercises that frisell uses. frisell doesn't use a lot of exercises.

i wouldn't say there are any downsides, but tradeoffs.

here's a recent informational video on messa di voce...bear in mind (i now realize) it is an advanced exercise! it requires a certain degree of requisite development in head and chest voice musculature to accomplish it.

it sounds like your frustration as a d.i.y.'er is not hearing examples as a guide to help you?

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Thanks guys. I'm gonna check out that book.

I have a friend who sings and studies opera, I think I'm gonna consult him. If I remember correctly he has a bel canto teacher, and he says the teacher is good.

This is so interesting. I never thought that classical lessons would be my thing and now I'm actually considering them :)

Btw I don't feel so desperate anymore since last weekend, I had a gig and my voice was working better than ever before. It's just so weird, there are radical ups and downs and my voice is changing so it's sometimes hard to tell wether it is a good change or a bad change. And wether I should work my voice or rest it. But some of the structural changes that Frisell describes in his book are definitely happening to me. Passagio seems to be gradually changing in structure.

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