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Head voice trouble (with clips)

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I understand more fully now. It seems that SLS has almost scared you into thinking if you sing loud you'll endanger your voice. Think of professional opera singers. They've cultivated a technique over a few centuries that enable unbeleivable power...and...it is totally safe.

I talked with Gino Vannelli's voice coach who has a very powerful baritone voice. He demonstrated and beleive me he is fricking loud. He said his voice was just about ruined by a former teacher that told him to sing everything relaxed. He didn't want any of us to make that mistake. You can't sing with relaxed muscles. You have to learn muscle independance though, so you tense up only the muscles needed and relax others.

Pulling chest is when you are singing chest voice in the passagio area with BAD vowel placements. That will hurt your voice. Opera singers sing chest throughout the passagio really loud but with CORRECT vowel placements - and proper support. That's the way I learned and I can say it works and it is perfectly healthy. But it's hard to teach this with just text over the forum. And I don't know that SLS teaches this. Tamplin does.

Thanks Geno... I feel that these "balance your larynx" programs teach fear as well. That is one of my big complaints about them. They are so fixated on "keep your larynx balanced" and "your not suppose to feel anything in your vocal tract"... that they make students of singing totally 'puss out' on any intrinsic anchoring because they think they are not suppose to feel anything. The result? I get armies of students teaming in every day complaining how they just don't have anything inside of M2/Head Voice... no fold closure, no larynx dampening, nothing but hot, humid windy falsetto wind... Its a huge problem, they are told to do exactly the opposite of where they should be going... If the goal is to sound huge and full in the head voice with good stable bridges. Good point Geno.

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