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Me singing Adele someone like you ((key changed))

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I would suggest that you learn the song better before you record anything and post it here because you sound passive (maybe because you are not familiar enough with the song). Learn the words and melody, try to listen to some of the details in adeles singing like when she hits a note you can hear that it is resonating well. Try to get the same sensation. I suggest that you sing louder. Not shouting, but just enough so that the notes are more sustained. That will make it easier to do ornamentations and vibrato as well.... Gives you more control :)

And one more thing. You have to pronounce the words better. Try to focus on the consonants. A good way to practice would be to overdo the consonants.

Good luck practicing. Just by singing a little bit louder (with good support and some twang), you will get some results fast, I think.

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