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Solve this argument (clip included)

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Hi all,

My band is asking me to sing a couple of songs, one of which is The Decembrists' Rox in the Box.

I know I need lessons, so I am starting with Robert soon, but in the meantime, can someone listen to the original clip and my acapella version and tell me if I am on key? I don't think I am - I think I am flat. My wife says it sounds great when I'm playing guitar or mandolin along with it, but being the perfectionist I am, I want it to be on key for sure.

Like I mentioned, I have Robert's course and will soon start private lessons with him, but for now, if I could get an indication of my pitch, it would be appreciated.

Thanks so much

Here is the original clip:


And here is me:


And while I'm posting, I have another question. My goal is to be able to do some Billy Joel songs and I'm wondering about the vowel modification. When he sings the line from Piano Man "he says son can you play me a memory". is he in head voice when he sings the "me"? It certainly doesn't sound like it has been modified, so I'm wondering if some people just don't have a need to modify vowels because of their voice?

Thanks again!!!

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