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This is Your Brain on Music?

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Hello everyone!

Hope all is well.:)

I come to you today to get your opinion on something that is rather abstract so it might be easy to grasp what I'm talking about at first, but bare with me. I have had what is or is akin to ADHD inattentive all my life. Because of this, I have had a serious issue focusing and buckling down when I need to. When I started singing about a year ago, this condition proved to be a serious obstacle to me improving my voice. Not to mention that I barely had the attention span to sit down for long enough to train, my brain had alot of trouble focusing on pitch and rhythm as well.

After singing in a local rock band for a year I have somewhat managed to improve in certain ways, yet I am in a constant motion of one step forward and two steps back. That is except for one thing I've picked up and here is where people are going to start thinking I'm crazy, that is putting light tension in the upper right part of the back of my head.

There's actually more to it to that but it would be quicker to explain to how I acquired said technique. Last year, I had a friend who taught me alot about music theory and really helped me get interested and learn alot about how it all works. I don't remember the exact moment but one day as I was focusing on the melody in a song, I felt this weird sensation in my head. The best way to describe it would be to relate it to one of those magic eye pictures where you unfocus your eyes and suddenly see a 3D figure.

It basically felt like a mental/audial version of that. In this mode I started clearly hear the movement of sound as if it were in 3D. It was amazing and something I never felt before. For the first month I realized I could do this I tried doing it daily and it did some tremendous things for me. I could speak Japanese with a near native pitch, I could sing on pitch ALOT better and keep rhythm, along with better memory recall and so forth.

The problem was though, that this was something I had to initiate. Not something that would stay on automatically. Over time, I got busy with work and the like so I started getting lazy and just went back to learning different voice techniques. Which helped for power,control, and my screaming, but ultimately my pitch suffered when I just relied on my seemingly natural intuition.

Recently I by chance got into that mode again and began to try it out and use it along with the other techniques I've been studying and I basically blew myself away. I mean, my pitch isn't perfect but it feels like their is soul and movement in what im singing. While I'm singing I can feel the movement up and down between words and notes and the more I sing the more emotional I become.

I didn't mean for this to be that long, so I'll get to the point of this post. First off, I would like to know if anyone has ANY idea what I'm talking about. After getting back into using this technique again recently I have done some research and I know I'm gonna be seen as crazy again here but I think my right parental lobe has been impaired from birth. I came to this conclusion based on the location of the sensation in my head and that the fact that I have dyscalcula and other symptoms common to disorder in that region.

I have also read many articles such as this one that support this idea:


The second part in me mentioning all this is that I want to understand the mental process from someone who doesn't have the issues I do. When you are singing on pitch, what sensations and thoughts are going through your head? Are you, like I am, focusing on a sensation and feelings the notes and words move up and down. I'm wondering if someone can relate to my experiences. Any feedback would be very much appreciate.

Thank you to all who read through this long and crazy post. :D

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It is generally thought that the Right side of the brain is more involved with abstract ideas, spacial relations, creativity, and imagination. The left side is more involved with analytical ideas, Facts, mathematics.

When you are actually singing and imagining the the notes before you produce a tone you are using the right side of the brain. When you produce a tone and are thinking "am I using enough support" "is my Larynx rising""am I on key" Then you are using your left side of the brain.

It would make sense that if you are imagining the spacial relations between the pitches and the pitch itself that you would be more likely to sing on key.

If you are actually feeling pressure in you head and then see images you should have it checked out.

I am not a teacher or a doctor so you your own judgement for anything I say.

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