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Don't sing with the mouth

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Remylebeau: Listen to the text of the narration beginning at :35. It describes how the diaphragm flattens during inhalation. The flattening motion is the downward motion.

Keep in mind in all this that breathing (in and out) happens as the volume of the chest changes. When the diaphragm is rising, and with the ribs dropping, the chest cavity is being made smaller... exhalation. When the ribs/sternum are rising, and the diaphragm is dropping, the chest is getting bigger... inhalation.

I hope this is helpful.

You're right, I had things backwards. Look forward to your thread on this because I'd like to see why you disagree with Ron's point of view.

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VIDEOHERE, do you think analog's video has it right, or no? If so, I'd say it's an upward expansion and a downward contraction.

remylebeau, i wasn't thinking in terms of muscle specifics...i just wanted to be sure folks reading this (newer folks out there) just realize it's basically an up and down motion, that's all....it's all good.

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