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Mike Patton- "I Started A Joke"

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Rev Drucifer

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Mike Patton is one of my favorite vocalists. There's no limit to what he can do, whether it's range/tone/phrasing.

One song that really stuck out to me as, "How the hell does he do this?!?" was Faith No More's cover of the Bee Gee's song, "I Started A Joke". His delivery is very British like in the verses....it really isn't until the end of the song that you can really tell it's Mike Patton singing.

I'm guessing the verses are mostly head voice with a push towards the back of the throat (I'm sure you guys here have a technical term for it...),

I can get all the notes down, but the tone I can barely find a starting place.

While I have no use for that current sound right now, I'd still love to be able to learn the technique.

For those not aware of Mike's voice....pretty hard to sum it up in one video, but here's something to show you what he 'generally' sounds like-

Such an incredible vocalist.....original to the bone....

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Patton can be good, he certainly makes more different sounds than almost anyone else I can think of. I agree that I Started a Joke is excellent. Beware of looking up live videos though, depending on which band he's with you mind find that he doesn't seem to care that he sounds terrible.

When he does seem to care about the vocals, he becomes excellent again (e.g. Mondo Cane live)

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