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Ok so I i did as you guys told me with the lift up pull back and I can a liitle tiny bit connect it now

But now a question arises

How do you bridge in an actual song?

I tried using the lift up pull back technique on a song and it doesnt seem to work

and I if i sing a song I really don't know how to bridge without sounding like wimp on tye headvoice

Any thoughts and tips? Input would be very much appreciated :D

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What he said. I have been training my bridge for years (or half a year if you only count the serious training) and I still have lots of trouble with songs that go in and out of the passaggio rapidly. With enough practice on those particular songs I can pull it off without any sort of abrupt break or pitch issues, but thinking realistically, it probably won't sound as beefy as I'd like for another couple months.

However, lift up pull back can be applied to songs. Yes it will sound wimpy but you can connect fine with it. The reason why you are having trouble applying it to singing is because real songs are the most difficult workouts for the passaggio. (assuming the melody goes into your passagio in the first place). It's harder than any sort of vocal exercise because the lyrics and melodies are constantly changing, yet your vocal technique must stay consistent through every obstacle the lyrics and melody present you with.

Also, you said you can connect it "a little tiny bit"...that's not enough. You are not done practicing this technique until you can execute it smoothly and consistently. And it is supposed to sound wimpy at first, so don't worry about that, as long as your transition from chest voice to head voice is smooth, you're doing the technique right.

The power comes later. And that is the longer journey. Powerful bridging is a skill that usually takes years to master.

Ok so darn no wonder why I can't get on the high notes cuz my bridging is very weak

And Infact i don't think i even bridge when I sing. Tsk no wonder why I get this constriction feeling cuz im belting too high?

And a question can the headvoice really match the volume or can it match the sound of chestvoice?

I mean we've been our chest voice for ages! for speaking etc2x rarely do we ever use headvoice so can it really sound like chest?

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