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I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people can post the resources they have used to further their singing/musical journey (mainly thinking books, but i suppose websites, cds etc as well). I know a lot of people on the forum enjoying the learning/research element of the voice and probably have an abundance of reading materials the other members haven't heard of. Some suggestions of types of material:

- Vocal Technique

- Vocal Anatomy

- Vocal Health

- Vocal Acoustics

- Vocal History

- Performance

- Vocalist's Autobiographies

- Music Therapy

- Singing styles

Mainly asking in order to get some suggestions to expand upon my own reading but compiling a list could prove useful for everybody :D

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anything steven fraser has ever written

I could quote the entire post but especially, this. If one reads Steven's posts carefully, the keys to the kingdom are there. And the value of 4 pillars is that many is the time Steven has consulted for Lunte, even travelling to do so. And 4 Pillars is actually close to classical technique, which is what attracted me to it when I decided to investigate more about singing in recent times.

Anyway, yeah, resources. In 1988, there wasn't really an easy-to-use internet and search engines, galore.

Just my own manual search engine, and I would use it at the Dallas Public Library. That is where I found a copy of "How to Sing" by Graham Hewitt. There were guitar mags and they would have ads for singer instruction training but Hewitt's classical method seemed to work for me. But there was no singer's mag, certainly no singer's forum. So, you young'ns today, there was absolutely nothing like TMV back then. And actually, there is nothing like TMV, right now. It is the most unique and best of it's kind. In fact, a few other singer forums don't even compare.

However, with the pantheon of the internet and the plethora of singer's instruction systems, caveat emptor.

For there are resources you can buy, resources you can borrow. I finally learn some things about myself in recent years. It's not just the fact that I am usually too broke to afford lessons for this or that, I have not made it a priority to save for such. I really, honest and truly, was raised with the maxim "figure it out for yourself." And so, I did, and still do. It's like potty training and just has hard to break.

So, resources are key for me, as well.

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