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What kind of technique is this?

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I'm new to this board so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, I don't know much about singing.

The video is in Chinese but I don't think it matters since I'm asking about the actual sound or technique.


The singing starts at 1:20, what I wanted to ask about was when he sings loudly (around 2:40 you can find a very good example) his voice sounds differently, I don't know how to describe it, manly?

Is this a technique of singing or can this only be done because of the singer's voice?

If it's a technique is there a name for it? I love how his voice sounds. I want to sound like that and would like practice to sound like that.

Sorry for the trouble, Help is appreciated, Thanks! :)

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I think that he is just adding some grit to his voice - nothing spectacular. And, I also noticed that even when he removes the mic from his mouth, his voice is still coming through as if it were right next to his face - without any volume difference. Almost feels like he isn't really singing it.

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Did the Chinese just bootleg NBC's "The Voice"?

Does NBC even have local version of "The Voice" in China?

The set and format are identical to the US version of "The Voice".

Heck, the Chinese even made a bootleg Disneyland (see below):

They didn't "bootleg" it... "The Voice" format was sold to many different countries, each producing their own version in their own language.

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Yeah he is singing with grit, alot of rock bands also do. I did alot of research on how to find out how to do it, it seems you have to push with your diaphragm and put no stress on the vocal chords. I'd like to get good at doing it one day, but working on my range first.

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